Back To Work

It’s nearly the end of January, and time for me to get back to the studio in a more serious way. My exhibit in LaConner has come down, and I have three pieces in the new exhibit on the ground floor which is called “Birds of a Fiber”. If you are in the LaConner area, be sure to drop in at the Pacific Northwest Museum of Quilt and Fiber Arts. I was there while they were hanging the show, and got a preview. There is some truly wonderful work to be seen.

But the fact remains, that I have work to do, and I have been taking it rather easy since Christmas. Partly this is because I got a truly rotten cold in early December that had me coughing day and night for weeks. But also, I tend to take January pretty easy, doing some catch up reading and hanging out with friends (and if truth be told, avoiding driving in the snow. I know, I’m a wimp!).

The work I have to do is part of a series I am working on for an exhibit scheduled for late summer 2021. I have finished the first few, and am pretty happy with the results. The further I go into the series, the more complex and interesting they get. But the early ones were inspired by a simple line drawing in an old sketchbook, that finally had a chance to make it to the work table.

“Trinity” by Larkin Jean Van Horn

Be well, my little chickadees. Stay warm and dry, and mind your health. Peace and many blessings, Larkin.

2 thoughts on “Back To Work”

  1. Hi Susan, I am so happy that you like “Trinity”. I took another run at the design with a different color scheme which I like a lot, though it is much subtler. As for the technique, I am still working with it, and figuring out how to present it in a classroom setting, so am holding onto the details for now. But if you think of the black as the grout between mosaic tiles, I am sure you will come up with something that works for you. Happy experimenting! Peace, Larkin

  2. I think a lot of us need time in January to get back to work, I’m sorry you also had a bad cold and hope you feel better now. I love your piece Trinity, the leaves have a special glow illuminated further by the colourful beads. Could you tell me the technique you used for the black lines? Blessings to you too!

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