Work In Progress

Before my cataract surgery, I was hard at work on samples for my week long class at the Grunewald Guild. I need not only completed work, but also some pieces that are partially finished so that I may demonstrate the process for students.

The class this summer is called Fabric Collage in 3-D, and we will focus on structures, containers, and whatever the students may design. This afternoon, I set my camera up for auto-focus, since my eyes are not quite trustworthy yet, and took pictures of three pieces that are, literally, in pieces.

The first is one side of what will be a five-sided vase. The blue fabric was dyed in the microwave earlier this year. I found the ceramic octopus at Shipwreck Beads.

The second will be the top of a box, and is collaged of an assortment of fabrics and embellished with a metal tree charm and glass beads.

The third will be the back wall of a small shrine. The face was created by Diane Briegleb. The bead embroidery section was done on a separate piece of Timtex and then mounted on the fabric collage background.

I am very much looking forward to being able to see well enough to thread a needle again. The second surgery is next week, so things are moving along in the right direction.

Be well, my little chickadees!

Peace, Larkin


No pictures today. I can’t see well enough to go searching for them. You see, I had cataract surgery on Tuesday morning on my left eye. I’ll have the right eye done on the 23rd. I went to the drug store yesterday to get some reading glasses, but they don’t really help much since I need one level in one eye and a different level in the other eye, and they don’t sell them that way. Oh well. All should be back to semi-normal by the end of the month.

I hear from my tech guru, Christina, that my blog posts will now be going out to you every week, if I have, in fact, posted anything. I’ll try to do better next week and find some photos for you. Prior to the surgery, I was working diligently on some samples for my class this summer at the Grunewald Guild. If I set my camera up for auto-focus, perhaps I can get some pictures of that work to post.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with a quote I ran into a while back, from Nietzsche:

“We have art so that we shall not die of reality.”

Be well, my little chickadees! (So glad I learned to touch type all those years ago! Hoping spell-check did it’s job and fixed all my errors!)

Peace, Larkin