All The News: Grunewald Guild

Hawk’s Prairie by Larkin Jean Van Horn

For the past 20+ years, I have been offering week long classes as part of the summer program at the Grunewald Guild. For those who may not know, the Guild is nestled in the Plain valley, not far from the charming little Bavarian style town of Leavenworth, Washington in the Cascade Mountains. Over the years I have taught art quilting, fabric dyeing, stamp and stencil making, 3-D fabric vessel making, and more, but have never taught my Extravagant Beadwork class there – until this year.

Summer Dragonfly by Larkin Jean Van Horn

After closing last year due to Covid-19, they are opening up for several weeks of classes this year, with some restrictions in place. They will be operating at about half-capacity, and all those who wish to attend must be vaccinated. My class will run August 1-7, 2021 and you can get all the details at the Guild website:

Sea Turtles by Larkin Jean Van Horn

I am really looking forward to offering this class at the Guild. We’ve usually included a little side lesson on beading on fabric in my other classes, but this time the beadwork will be the main show. Students will get to design their own projects, and I will help them get where they are going. The samples I’ve posted here are all detail shots of some pretty extravagant jewelry of mine, but you could also choose to make a beaded doll, add beads to a quilt or wall hanging, decorate the top of a fabric box, or anything else you want to try. The class information says you won’t need a sewing machine, but I will bring one along in case someone needs to run something up quickly.

Spring Rain by Larkin Jean Van Horn

I would love to have you all in class, my little chickadees, but the class size is restricted to 10, so go the website and click on Programs, then on the highlighted Summer Session to get to class information and registration and all the details. Feel free to holler if I can help explain anything.

Be well, stay safe, and carry on! Larkin

All The News: Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

Growth Spiral by Larkin Jean Van Horn

“All the news that’s fit to print”, a phrase coined by Adolph S. Ochs in 1897 as the slogan for the New York Times, has been quoted all over the place since I can remember. As an homage to the NYT and Mr. Ochs, I plan to use the first three words as the start of announcements on my blog that indicate things that have dates attached – exhibits, teaching gigs, etc. So here goes:

My exhibit, “Whirlwinds and Whirlpools”, will close at the LaConner Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum in LaConner, Washiongton on Sunday, August 1st. It will open at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center in Tillamook, Oregon on Wednesday, September 8th, where it will remain until October 31st. There will be a closing reception on October 30th (dependent upon the state of the Covid-19 situation as regards to gatherings at that point). I am always looking for a way to get out of the city and out to the coast, so I am delighted the show will travel there. Be sure to check the center’s website for hours of operation and other details:

Stay safe and well, my little chickadees! Larkin

Stress Fracture by Larkin Jean Van Horn