Something of a Challenge – Part 2

Back in December I wrote about a challenge idea that was floated on the QuiltArt list (see December 21, 2018 post for details) and promised to keep you up to date on my progress and thinking.  So, here’s what I have so far:  the background collage of an assortment of yellows from my stash.  This is not pieced, it is fused collage.  All the pieces were cut with scissors, not a rotary cutter, so they would be a bit wonky rather than perfectly straight.  It is currently a rectangle, but I am thinking I might cut it down to a square when all is said and done.  The circular space is yellowish beige, but will probably not be very visible when I add the next layer.  I just wanted to give myself some parameters to work with.  I just noticed that it looks really orange on this turquoise background.  (Please forgive me.  I haven’t had my lesson on color correcting yet, but that’s on the agenda.)

Background collage – yellow by Larkin Jean Van Horn

Elsewhere in the studio, I have been working on samples for a class I will teach this summer at the Grunewald Guild.  Here’s the direct link to class information:

That’s all for now, my little chickadees.  Be well, stay warm, and do a little something creative every day!


Everyone Has A Story

A few days ago, I received a lovely email from someone who had seen one of my exhibits at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center in Tillamook, Oregon.  One of the pieces in the exhibit was called “Everyone Has A Story” and was comprised of a bare manzanita branch covered with a lot of very small beaded dolls, ranging in length from 1-1/4″ to 3-1/2″.

The artwork moved this viewer to write a poem about it, which he wrote to share with me after he rediscovered it and typed it up.  I asked his permission to share it with you here, and he has graciously agreed.

Everyone Has A Story to Tell
by Ryan James

Whispers from the beaded dolls hanging on the tree
“Look closer,”
Stories hinted at
Love, Joy Laughter
Forest, Green Man, Growth, Rain
From Darkness to Rebirth – Forgiveness – Healing
Ocean walk, mist rain, sand
Sun, warmth, light
Moon, womb, life
Whispers from the beaded dolls hanging on the tree
“Look closer,”
Everyone has a story

Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your poem and allowing me to use it here.  I am always delighted to hear what people think about my work, even if their interpretation differs from mine or they just flat out don’t care for it.  Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

And so, my little chickadees, if you have seen something that moves you or inspires you, consider telling the artist about your reaction to their work.  Even though we might not really like to hear that you think it belonged in the rubbish bin, at least we will know that you thought about it – that it moved you in some way.



On The Twelfth Day of Christmas . . .

when our true love sends us a truly bizarre list of gifts, we come officially to the end of the Christmas season.  (If you haven’t heard the Allan Sherman version of that song, do yourself a favor and find it someplace.  Talk about a bizarre list!) For some, this is called the Feast of the Epiphany, the day the three wise men arrived at Bethlehem.  For some, it’s the last day to get the holiday decorations back in their boxes and stashed away for another eleven months.  For some, it’s time to add up the bills and start preparations to pay taxes.  (Ugh!)

And for some of us, it’s time to take stock of the year just past and think about the year to come.  I don’t make resolutions, but I do list some goals for the year.  Some involve studio work, learning more about this thing called a blog, making smarter decisions in some areas, doing a little traveling, and trying some new things.

But most of all, to focus on things about which I can actually make a difference – to show more compassion and kindness, to be generous to those who need a wee bit of help, to stop feeling guilty about taking time for introspection, to find a more peaceful way to go about my days.

And so, my wish for you, my little chickadees, is to find peace and hope in the new year, and a way to reach some of your own goals.