Something of a Challenge – Part 2

Back in December I wrote about a challenge idea that was floated on the QuiltArt list (see December 21, 2018 post for details) and promised to keep you up to date on my progress and thinking.  So, here’s what I have so far:  the background collage of an assortment of yellows from my stash.  This is not pieced, it is fused collage.  All the pieces were cut with scissors, not a rotary cutter, so they would be a bit wonky rather than perfectly straight.  It is currently a rectangle, but I am thinking I might cut it down to a square when all is said and done.  The circular space is yellowish beige, but will probably not be very visible when I add the next layer.  I just wanted to give myself some parameters to work with.  I just noticed that it looks really orange on this turquoise background.  (Please forgive me.  I haven’t had my lesson on color correcting yet, but that’s on the agenda.)

Background collage – yellow by Larkin Jean Van Horn

Elsewhere in the studio, I have been working on samples for a class I will teach this summer at the Grunewald Guild.  Here’s the direct link to class information:

That’s all for now, my little chickadees.  Be well, stay warm, and do a little something creative every day!