Summer Work – Part 1

The next few posts will be mostly pictures of the work I did to get ready for my week long class at the Grunewald Guild this summer, as well as a few pieces that got finished during that week. I had six students who had lots of great ideas, enthusiasm, and dedication to the work at hand. It was a wonderful teaching experience, in a beautiful place, with a group of new friends.

This first batch is four shrine forms. No matter where we all stand on the subject of religion/faith/spirituality, there is a basic, bare-bones definition of a shrine that rings true for me: A shrine is anything that memorializes or commemorates a person, place, or event.

I wish you all well on this Labor Day weekend, and hope you will find some peace, quiet, and refreshment as we head into the hectic back to school – back to work – end of summer routines. Enjoy the last of the summer sunshine this month as you prepare for the beauty of fall. Be well, my little chickadees!

Guadalupe in the Shadows
Be At Peace
Black Madonna
Old Wisdom (Sculpture by Eloise Krabbenhoft)