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Tripods (Straight)

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Pattern cover

Here are five great new shapes for fabric vessels, four of them in two sizes. The bottoms are weighted for stability. Let your imagination run wild, you'll have a ball. This would be a great place to use the stitches I hope you've already learned in my original Beadwork for Fabric Artists or the new Beading on Fabric!

At the back left is the "Fiddleback" shape, to the right is the "Urn". The pattern includes the outlines for making these either nine or twelve inch tall.

Front center is the "Lantern", it's about 5-1/2" tall, and the pattern includes both making it from four sides and a bottom or from a single piece of fabric that looks a lot like a four-leaf clover.

At the front left is the "Tripod Straight" and on the right is the "Tripod Curve".

Of the ten combinations of shape and size, eight of them are "fat quarter friendly", meaning they can be made with a two fat quarters - one for the outside and one for the lining.

If you like the three and four sided shapes and want to keep going, come back and get the pattern to cut the bottoms for five and six-sided Lanterns, Fiddlebacks, and Urns. Nothing more to buy, it's free: Just download this PDF file and print it on your own printer.

The links at left are to pages for each shape, starting with samples I've made. When you make one you're really happy with, please send a photo and we'll post some of the best on these pages as well.

The Fabulous Fabric Vessels pattern is available for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling, and they are in stock.


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