Bead Book Beadwork for Fabric Artists (out of print)



Beadwork for Fabric Artists shows you, bead by bead and stitch by stitch, how to add bead embroidery to your work for texture, color, and excitement. Well-known artist, lecturer, and teacher Larkin Jean Van Horn shares eight glorious pages of her beaded work in full color, and in clear text and diagrams shows the component stitches that went into her work, which will allow you to extend your own work in the same ways.

The book covers seven techniques for adding beads directly to fabric, six techniques for additional texture and fringe (two fringe techniques are shown here), several edge treatments, and three ways to firmly hold larger elements (cabochons) onto your pieces.

The book is Wire-O bound, so it will lay flat on your table while you work, making it easy to refer to as you learn each new stitch.

Your results will be stunning, dazzling, and complex, but Larkin makes every step along the way easy. Don't wait to add sparkle to your next work!

This book was so well received in its original version that Interweave Press commissioned an expanded text and has now published Beading on Fabric.


Correction available for first-printing customers. See below.

What they're saying about this book:  
Web of Thread newsletter Larkin Van Horn has published a terrific new book called "Beadwork for Fabric Artists" - and our copies just arrived today! Larkin is an accomplished bead and fiber artist. The book is very impressive - clear, concise instructions and illustrations, descriptions of tools and materials you'll need, and fabulous color photographs of Larkin's work. I also like that it is 8-1/2" wide and 5-1/2" tall and SPIRAL BOUND - this practical construction makes it perfect to have next to you on your beading surface while you work!
Dolores in Annapolis Larkin's book is an excellent source for bead embellishing. I took her class in Chicago and learned good techniques, hints from her about her own experiences with beading. The book has good, clear illustrations, information on materials and suggestions on how to use the individual beading techniques. If you can't take Larkin's class, then get Larkin's book. Better yet, do both. Can you tell that Larkin and her book have me psyched for beading!!!
Linda in Houston OHMIGOSH! What a great little book this is! Larkin Van Horn's "Beadwork for Fabric Artists" just arrived in my mailbox today and I couldn't put it down until I had gone through the whole thing. The illustrations and instructions are so simple and clear that even I could do the stitches!

Larkin, I took your "beading on fabric" class at the Houston Quilt Festival [in 2003], and learned a lot then ... but this little book has both reinforced what I learned and given me some new ideas. The color photos are clear and bright, and your piece, "Purple is the Color of Royalty" had me searching on-line for another gorgeous raku cabochon (I found a few, but none so beautiful as the one in your piece). The beaded buttons are something I can tackle now, and "Baja Sunset" is something to aspire to. Oh, and I like the fact that the book is spiral bound so it will lay flat as I'm practicing my stitches.


Errata: Believe it or not, we made an error in an illustration used in the first printing of the book. When you get to the edge variations in section 15 you could be confused.

The second printing came back from the printer on 26 October 2004, if you bought yours before then you absolutely have a first-printing copy. The easiest way to tell is to look at the back cover. If the ISBN number and barcode are printed, it's from the second printing. If they are absent or printed on a white label, it's from the first printing.

If you have a copy with the error in it, you can download this file: Page_28_correction.pdf (379KB) and print it out. Make sure you do not have "Fit to page" turned on. Trim the page to suit and tape or glue it in place.