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Artwork by Larkin Jean Van Horn

This is the index of all the galleries in the “new format” section of Larkin’s site. Click on any of the links in the second row (above) to visit specific categories.

Individual Art Quilts
This gallery contains some older work and the occasional art quilt that doesn't fit into any of my other ongoing series.
Beaded Dolls
A collection of intensely-beaded small dolls.
Beaded Jewelry
Large beaded neckpieces, talismans, and cuff style bracelets. Even a hat!
Beaded driftwood, bottles, baskets, and any beadwork that doesn't fit into the art quilt or jewelry galleries.
Beading as Appliqué
A series of quilts where the beading happened first, and the quilts were then designed to showcase the beaded medallions.
Miniature buildings
Various Celtic spirals and other labyrinth forms as textile wall hangings.
Some vagrant small pieces called out for a few beads, then needed a home. Plenty of visual interest, very modest price tags.
River Stones
These rounded, stone-shaped fabric mosaics began as an experiment with materials, and developed into explorations of color and movement.
Rocks and Water
A series of quilts made with texturized silk as the top layer, and machine quilting evocative of the shore and tide lines of my island home.
Feeling the need for some positive messages in my life, I started this series of small quilts, each with a single word message.
Shattered Circles
Take a circle of fabric, cut it up, and put it back together again. Just like potato chips, I couldn't make just one.
Small Treasures
Small textile works (usually 12" or smaller on a side), for small places.
Spirit Stones
Not really dolls, but they do have faces! Small stones found on the beach, completely covered in beads.
Vessels, Shrines, and Reliquaries
Containers and flat shrines, many commemorating a person, place or event.